Surrender to Sin“Full of intensity and tenderness, the finale of the Vegas Syndicate has it all!”

Max Cartwright is out for blood.

Jason Draper may have been Max’s best friend, but endangering the life of Abby Sterling is the last straw in a long list of unforgivable sins. Following the shooting that nearly ended Max’s life, Jason is on the run, his reputation in tatters. Determined to make him pay, Max spends his time hunting for Jason and integrating Vegas’s criminal enterprise into the Syndicate’s existing operations. Then Jason returns, determined to salvage his empire by any means necessary — unless Max kills him first.

Abby Sterling is ready to heal.

Her beloved house may be gone, but she has Max, and after years of estrangement, she’s found tenuous common ground with her newly-sober father. She doesn’t know what the future holds, but with Jason out of the picture, she’s beginning to believe it will be bright. Then word comes that Jason has turned State’s witness against Max and the Syndicate, and the clock starts ticking on their plans to eliminate him. There’s only one problem: Jason is holed up in the Presidential Suite at the Tangier, surrounded by a bigger, badder contingent of mercenaries who are being paid a small fortune to protect him.

With the help of the Syndicate and a rogue FBI agent, Max stages an assault on the suite, determined to end Jason’s reign of terror over his life with Abby. But when she suffers a painful loss by Jason’s hand, Max is forced to face the fact that Jason’s depravity knows no bounds – and if Max doesn’t stop him, Abby may pay the ultimate price.




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★★★★★ “What a stellar conclusion!”

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★★★★★ “Spontaneously combustible, brilliantly written, and threatened to send my Kindle into a raging fire.”

★★★★★ “The perfect way to end the Las Vegas Mob Series.”

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