Jan 2017

Rogue Love

Rogue_LoveWant more Braden Kane? I’ve got you covered with the new Kings of Corruption series.

This will be a bit different from the Mob Boss series in that it will be a series of interconnected standalones. The first book, Rogue Love, releases March 21st and features none other than Braden Kane. If you’ve read any of the Mob Boss books, Braden will be familiar to you.

And he has secrets.

I’m excited to be writing this series for a number of reasons. One of them is that it features a cast of Point Break-esque bad boy vigilantes whose headquarters is on the Southern California coast near where I grew up. Another is Nora Murphy, Braden’s lady love who is a fellow FBI agent. I like to think all my female characters have been strong in their own way (and I’m a big believer that the strength of women is represented in many ways, not all of them physical), but Nora has five tough brothers in law enforcement and is a fellow graduate of the FBI Academy. She’s a great match for the badass Braden Kane, and I’m having a lot of fun exploring their dynamic, challenging relationship.

I’ll be offering free chapter samplers to my mailing list soon, so if you haven’t already signed up, please do! I the meantime, you can preorder Rogue Love at the following retailers:



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Jul 2017

Fire with Fire

A little late updating the blog (shame!), but Fire with Fire is officially live. If you’ve been on the Mob Boss journey since Ruthless, I think you’re going to LOVE this new series. It builds on the post-Raneiro Donati Syndicate as Nico, Farrell, Christophe, and Luca rebuild the organization in their image. Prepare for plenty of cameos from your favorite mob men plus a whole new slate of hot, dangerous Alphas – starting with Damian Cavallo.

Love is a battlefield — and only the strong survive.

Shunning his Ivy League education and the empire that was his birthright, Damian Cavallo found his place in New York City’s criminal underworld after the fall of the Syndicate. Reclusive and angry, he works alone — until crime lord Nico Vitale makes a compelling argument for the new organization’s far-reaching power. After hearing Nico out, Damian is willing to consider the possibility of leading the New York territory.

There’s just one problem: he isn’t the only one who wants it.

Aria Fiore didn’t choose a life of crime — it chose her.

Raised by her dangerously unbalanced brother, Primo, after the death of their parents, Aria had no choice but to follow him into a life of crime. She finds happiness working in the city’s community garden but can’t help wondering if she’ll ever get the chance to choose something for herself. Then Damian Cavallo appears — hot, brooding, and demanding Primo forfeit the New York territory. Aria has no love for the business, but even the gorgeous criminal can’t shake her loyalty to her brother.

As the rivalry becomes more and more deadly, Primo’s first in command is only too happy to goad him into reckless action. Desperate to save her brother, Aria forges an alliance with Damian that quickly turns into an undeniable passion. Now she’s forced to admit the truth:

She is in love with Damian Cavallo — and her real enemy is much closer to home.

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Release Day is always a little hectic, and yesterday was so much so that I didn’t get a chance to post about it everywhere (as a side note, please do follow me on Facebook and Instagram, as I’m much more consistent in posting on those venues).

But it’s official; Rogue Love is out in the world and Braden Kane is locked and loaded.


I had so much fun writing this book, the first in my new Kings of Corruption standalone series. This whole series is based on a group of formerly-law-abiding men who decide justice is sometime best served off the books. Think Boondock Saints meets Point Break.

Those of you who read Rogue Love will get a little treat from me in the way of notes in the back about my thoughts on the themes of the story and the movie that inspired it. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy it!


FBI agent Braden Kane has been going it alone ever since a family scandal sent him running straight from the Ivy League into Special Forces. That’s where he learned the hardest lesson of all — we’re all alone in the end. And nobody can save us.

When a raid goes terribly wrong, walking out is almost instinctual. Following the rules is for suckers. There’s only one way to get things done, and that’s to do it off the books. By the time he walks out, he knows there’s only one thing he’ll miss.


Nora Murphy never really had a choice. Law enforcement was in her blood.

Raised by an old-school Irishman in a houseful of brothers, she learned early on there was only one way to survive.

Be stronger. Be smarter. Be better.

A devastating personal loss only made it easier to focus on the things that made sense. There was no room for romance. And certainly no room for love. Which made tabling her attraction to friend and fellow agent Braden Kane a no-brainer. But Braden’s defection from the FBI opens the door to their relationship in a new and surprising way. Nora’s still getting her head around the possibilities when she’s assigned an important case involving a string of high-profile crimes. She can’t wait to bring down the ring of brash vigilantes — until a shocking connection to Braden reveals itself in in the middle of their burgeoning affair.

Now they’re on opposite sides of the law. Can love triumph over duty?



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You know how sometimes you just feel old? I’ve felt this way on and off throughout my life, even when I was decidedly NOT old. Sometimes I think it’s having kids. I ADORE my kids. They are the crowning achievement of my life. But it’s hard to have a bushel-full of kids and not feel, well, matronly.

Then again, I think life can make us feel old, too. There is nothing sexy about bills, cooking, and housework. Unless you have a hot, shirtless man to watch you sign checks, cook you dinner, and vacuum in his skivvies.


There are lots of ways I remind myself that I’m still young, that the possibility of adventure and romance is still right around the corner. I buy myself new clothes or lingeries, plan future exotic vacations, try new makeup, or get a sexy new haircut. But sometimes all I need is a great book or movie to put things in perspective.

And that is why I have SO got you covered.

These are my go-to movies when I need to remind myself that I’m not dead yet. And that the next breathless romance and daring adventure might be right around the corner.


Is it weird that my #1 features two middle-aged women who fall in love with each other’s sons? I thought it would be weird, too, but I was pleasantly surprised when I finally watched Adore to find that it was a beautiful, intriguing, and slightly unsettling story. The scenery is GORGEOUS (Australian coast), and Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are luminous, proving that there can definitely be something sexy about a woman of a certain age.


I absolutely love this movie for Frances McDormand’s portrayal of a bohemian, middle-age music producer whose uptight son returns with his equally (or so it seems) uptight fiancee. Complexity ensues when his mother’s free-and-easy lifestyle (musician, younger lover) starts to rub off on the son’s future wife, making both of them question everything they thought they knew about themselves and each other. Frances McDormand shines as a middle aged woman who refuses to be defined by convention.


I know this is dark, but stick with me here. If you haven’t seen UNFAITHFUL, you must, if only for the captivating cinematography. The camera shots are truly a work of art, but this one makes my list because Diane Lane is the epitome of gorgeous, and the object of her desire is an unbelievably sexy Frenchman who is, get this, a rare book dealer. This trailer isn’t great, but the movie is one of my all time faves. And let’s be honest, it’s nice to just contemplate a scandalous affair with a gorgeous Frenchman. One of the things I love most about this is a scene in which Diane Lane’s character runs into some old friends. They marvel privately at how great she looks (while she’s having a quickie in the bathroom with her lover), which for me is a just a reminder that passion does have the side effect of keeping one vital and ravishing. 😉


Smart is the new hot, and I love this movie for its story of a middle-aged reporter who decides the cure for her boring life is to travel to Afghanistan as a reporter. Best part; it’s based on a true story. And while there is a romantic element, the movie is mostly about strength and resolve and the ability to reinvent yourself at any point, which is basically my mantra. The trailer doesn’t do it justice. There are a lot of funny parts, but it really moved me, too, and the trailer doesn’t do a great job of showing the more heartfelt aspects of this terrific movie. If you’re in a need of an adventure – or at least the reminder that you can still HAVE an adventure – you will love this one.


This one was such a pleasant surprise! I found it surfing (no pun intended *snort*) Netflix one night and fell in love with the story of an ambitious, overprotective mother who finds herself taking surfing lessons to try and connect with her teenage son. It’s funny at times, but it has a lot of heart, and Helen Hunt is beautiful, sexy, and proof that it’s never too late to learn something new.


When I was a teenager, I never wanted to go to Paris or Rome like my friends. Instead I dreamed of India and Africa, Morocco and Egypt. I wanted real adventure, and that impulse has never quite left me. I know the book is better, but the movie is worth keeping on stand by when you need a window into the larger world – spiritual and geographical – that exits beyond your front door. I have a soft spot in my heart for this story in general, because it’s the book that turned me onto meditation. And that has changed my life.


When I first saw this movie I was completely captivated. It’s set in the 70s and stars Kate Winslet as a (totally irresponsible – don’t copy that part) mother who takes her two young daughters to Morocco. The movie straddles the line between painting Winslet’s character in an unflattering light and giving voice to that feeling so many women have that there must be something MORE. Now that my kids are almost grown, I can contemplate having an adventure in Morocco without the guilt of dragging my children along for the ride, but even if you’re not there yet (or ever, because this isn’t your kind adventure) it’s a nostalgic return to the free-wheeling 70s and an era when it was actually possible to travel to places like this without the kind of anxiety we live with now.


Okay, this isn’t a GREAT movie. And the trailer! Yikes! (Can we just agree that no studio should ever, and I mean EVER, use a voice over like this one in a trailer?) But it’s fun and inspiring, and we’re back to Diane Lane, who somehow manages to be sexy no matter her age. Also, who hasn’t fantasized about picking up and moving to a foreign country, where of course, we would all meet a handsome man with an accent who would sweep us off our feet?


If you’re looking for something a little more old fashioned, this is the movie for you. The ever-radiant Juliet Binoche plays a single mother who moves to a small, puritanical French town just after the war. She’s ready for a fresh start – but the town is far from ready for her brand of hedonism. It’s a charming tale with just the right amount of romance (with Johnny Depp no less) and a good reminder that the pleasures of life are far preferable to the piety of restraint. I’m posting a clip on this one, because the trailer is truly insufferable.


Oh, SATC, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I’m posting the trailer for the first movie here (don’t even bother with the second one!), but the series is also fantastic. Yes, I know it’s not very realistic. I know no one could really afford a cute little apartment in a good New York City neighborhood on a freelance writer’s salary while also buying their weight in Manolo Blahniks. But Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda are a case study in fabulousness, and this seems especially important given that they are in their 30s-50s during the run of the show and through the movie. Sometimes when I’m wearing yoga pants yet again, it’s nice to be reminded I can still be fabulous if I really want to – even at the age of 46.

So there you go! Grab some popcorn, pour some champagne, and celebrate the fact that your next adventure is ready when you are.




Covenant_front_coverWith the release of ETERNAL, Farrell Black’s story and the London Mob series is complete.

And you know what that means…

I have another book coming for you!

This one features Christophe Marchand, lover of all things beautiful and heir to a worthless title that has forced him to earn his money the old fashioned way – by fighting for it.

Isn’t he gorgeous?

*fans self*

Anyway, I won’t give away too much, but you can get an introduction to Christophe by reading Eternal. In the meantime, you can preorder now on Amazon, Amazon UK, and iBooks.

Christophe Marchand knows the value of beautiful things. He simply doesn’t want a woman to be one of them.

Heir to a worthless title, Christophe knows firsthand the only way to build an empire in the twenty-first century is with ruthless violence, single-minded focus, and cold, hard pragmatism.

That means no distractions.

But that’s before he lays eyes on Charlotte Duval.

Charlotte is no man’s arm candy.

An expert in antique furniture, Charlotte is biding her time as an assistant curator in Los Angeles when she learns her father has died. Traveling to Paris to close up his antique store, Charlotte plans to finish the job as quickly as possible, preferably without touching the still-tender wound of her estranged relationship with the father who was always impossible to reach.

And even the enigmatic Christophe Marchand can’t tempt her to stay.

But the discovery of an elaborate ring hidden inside a 16th century writing desk sets off a chain of events that sends her to Christophe Marchand for protection. Soon the pair are traveling across Europe in search of answers to an unsolved theft that once rocked the art world — and to the unbridled passion that will change their lives forever.

Gap_GF_JeansThe Girlfriend cut is tricky if you’re curvy like me (and even after nearly ten months of hardcore gyming and an almost exclusively Paleo diet, I’m still decidedly curvy). You want that slightly slouchy, casual look, but you also need some structure if you don’t want to look sloppy.

These ones are perfect! I now own two of them. Best parts? They’re available in sizes up to a 35 waist, which is approximately a size 20, and they’re priced fairly reasonable as jeans go.

You can order them here, but fair warning; Gap rotates their stock fairly often. Get them while you can!

Eternal_front_cover_RGB (1)Primal will be out in less than two weeks, guys! And since I need to have the preorder for Eternal up by then, today is cover reveal day for book three in the London Mob series.

This might be my favorite cover yet – and with all the hot covers I’ve had, that’s saying something. Those pecs… that stare… those arms.

*fans self*

The dark and gloomy Eiffel Tower in the background is just icing on the cake!

The book releases June 14, and I’ll have a stand alone novella featuring Leo, Farrell Black’s second-in-command, out shortly thereafter. Stay tuned for details! In the meantime, you can still preorder Primal on iBooks and Amazon.

And you might as well preorder Eternal while you’re at it, because you do NOT want to miss the end of Farrell and Jenna’s story.


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Savage_front_cover_RGB “…a fast paced, danger filled loved story!”

“Michelle has outdone herself…” 

“… completely and totally hooked!”

“Super hot!!”


Farrell Black is dirty, dangerous, and holds nothing sacred. Growing up on the mean streets of London, he clawed his way to the top of a criminal empire with nothing but sheer force of will and the determination to need no one.


Then he met Jenna Carver, and all bets were off — until the day she walked out of his life without a backward glance.

Leaving him was the hardest thing she’d ever done.

As a kid, Jenna knew how people looked at her. Like she was stupid. Worthless. Poor. So she spent her life working to become someone else. Then she met Farrell Black, and their all-consuming passion blew a hole in everything she thought she knew about herself.

Until she was forced to make a terrible choice.

Now Jenna is back in London for her father’s funeral, desperate to avoid the one man who can banish her hard-earned reason in favor of red-hot ecstasy. But when her father’s death is tied to an abuse of power at the highest levels, she has no choice but to ask Farrell for help.

As they work together to find answers to a puzzle that could have dangerous implications, desire threatens to undo them both — and forces Jenna to choose between keeping the secret of a lifetime and having the one man who can command her body and soul.

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Mar 2016


You guys! After eight months sharing the Michelle Zink website between my YA projects and the adult books I write under Michelle St. James, we finally have a dedicated MSJ site.


I absolutely love it (thanks Brandon Hunt), and I’m super excited to have a place to share all my hot, smexy news, photos, and upcoming books with readers around the globe. And while the basic format of the site is now in place, I’ll be adding more photos to the Gallery with each new book, plus playlists (you can follow me on Spotify to see what I’m listening to as I write), giveaways, and more.

In the meantime, feel free to have a look around. PRIMAL, book two in the London Mob series, releases in just two weeks. You can preorder it on iBooks and Amazon, and you can read SAVAGE, book one, now.