Second Chance “LOVED THIS BOOK!!”

Declan Murphy knows his place in the Murphy family hierarchy.

Playboy, slacker, f*ckup.

As the youngest brother at Murphy Intelligence and Security, Declan keeps things simple by sticking to a few basic rules: do his part (when absolutely necessary), don’t let anything get you down, and most of all, keep it light. Then Aiden Walsh walks into MIS with a plea for help – find out what really happened to his dead father. The problem: Aiden is Kate Walsh’s brother – and Kate Walsh is the only woman who ever broke Declan’s heart.

Kate Walsh knows what she wants.

Six years ago Kate walked away from Declan Murphy and never looked back. She’s spent the time since building a successful career in Los Angeles and raising her son, Griffin. Then her father died, leaving her brother alone to manage the family business, and Kate had no choice but to return to Boston. As Declan reluctantly digs into the mystery surrounding Mac Walsh’s death, he vows to keep his distance from Kate.

But when the investigation points to foul play by someone close to the family, what started as a favor turns into something with deadly consequences. Now Declan has no choice but to dig deep in an effort to protect the woman he can’t forget. When a life-altering secret is revealed, Declan has to decide whether he’s ready to stage the fight of his life – and convince Kate he can be the man she deserves.




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