Primal“Be prepared not to do anything all day… you won’t put it down!”

He wouldn’t rest until she was his – this time for good.

Farrell Black could hardly blame Jenna for leaving after the shootout that almost cost their daughter her life. Now he’ll stop at nothing to protect them, and he’s spent the last three months fortifying his private estates, amassing enough armor to supply a small army, and preparing for the moment when she’ll come back to him.

And she WILL come back to him.

Listening to her heart was a luxury she couldn’t afford.

Jenna Carver is still haunted by the close call at Farrell’s private estate — and by the unanswered questions surrounding the research her father hid before his death. But for now she’s focused on Lily and on maintaining the carefully constructed wall she’s erected between her and Farrell — the one and only thing that keeps her from falling under his spell all over again. Then Jenna and Lily are nearly killed, and it quickly becomes clear they have enemies in very high places.

Enemies who will stop at nothing to eliminate them.

Now Farrell and Jenna are in a race against time from Tuscany to Amsterdam, desperate to unlock a puzzle that could mean the end of of everything — including their final chance at love.




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★★★★★ “Fulfills all the promises of Book One and more!”

★★★★★ “Sexy, big shoulders with a tight butt…..yes please.

★★★★★ “Be prepared to not do anything all day, you won’t put it down.”

★★★★★ “It just keeps getting better!”

★★★★★ “If I could kick my own hind parts for sleeping on this series, I definitely would!”

★★★★★ “So friggin awesome I devoured in one sitting!”

★★★★★ “A wonderful job entwining all the passion and romance with a suspense subplot that is terrifyingly real.”

★★★★★ “This man gets your mind racing and your heart pumping.”