Murphy's Wrath“The second book in the series and boy does it deliver!”

Ronan Murphy’s business is vengeance — but this time it’s personal.

Once upon a time Ronan lived by simple rules: take care of his family, take care of his dog, take care of his business – and never, ever let it get personal. But that was before he fell head over heels in love with Julia Berenger. When an ill-fated trip to Dubai forced Ronan to choose between finding Julia’s sister, Elise, and saving Julia’s life, he didn’t even think twice.

Julia knows Elise is alive.

It doesn’t matter that Elise was taken by a group of powerful men hidden behind the secret society called Manifest: this time Julia won’t let anything get in the way of saving her sister. Not even Ronan. But when a new lead turns up in Florence, Ronan and Julia begin a whirlwind quest for answers that brings them face to face with one of the most powerful men behind Manifest. The discovery leads them to a yacht off the coast of Greece and a high-stakes rescue operation with Ronan’s brothers that may force Julia to go it alone. Ronan has already broken one of his cardinal rules by falling in love with Julia — now the only question is whether he can let her go.







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