Home Free“Elise and Finn heat up the pages with their chemistry!”

Finn Murphy was used to being alone — until he met Elise Berenger.

Eight years on the road with nothing but a backpack primed Finn for solo life. Coming home was a last resort, the only way he could find answers about the murder of his friends in Ukraine. But as his brothers use their illegal business to help him uncover the truth, he finds himself increasingly reluctant to leave the woman who’s stolen his heart.

Elise Berenger can’t imagine her life without Finn — but she can’t imagine her life with him either.

Still recovering from her kidnapping at the hands of a transnational trafficking ring, she fights panic attacks when she get lost in her home city of Boston. Not exactly a candidate for life on the road, and life on the road is the only life Finn wants.

The pair agree to enjoy the time they have as Finn and his brothers connect the dots and Elise secretly works her own angle on the murders with her creepy new boss. But when Finn and his brothers have to face off on their home turf with a cadre of highly trained mercenaries, Elise finds herself embroiled in a risky game of cat and mouse. Now the question isn’t whether they can find a way to be together — but whether they’ll live to try.






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