Fighting Chance“… full of delicious, sexy, bedroom scenes!”

Declan Walsh is done f*cking around.

Losing Kate Walsh once was devastating. Losing her again is unimaginable. A second chance — with Kate and with Griffin, the son he never knew he had — is all the incentive he needs to prove he’s a changed man. Now all he has to do is prove Kate’s beloved uncle Neil murdered her business tycoon father — and figure out why.

Kate Walsh wants to believe in happily ever afters.

She’s always loved Declan Murphy, but trusting him with her heart — and their son’s heart — is another matter entirely. They manage to take it slow with Griffin, gradually introducing Declan into his life, but Kate finds herself right back where she was before, caught up in a sizzling, breathtaking love affair with the man who has ruled her heart — and her body — since the moment they met.

As Declan and Kate navigate the tricky waters of their new relationship around the baggage of the old one, the revelations about Kate’s family and her father’s murder keep on coming. When Neil learns how close they are to proving his guilt, the gloves are off and no one and nothing is safe: not Kate, not Griffin, and not the fragile new relationship Declan has worked to build with them. Can he prove he has what it takes to stand by their side for the long haul — and can he keep them safe when the enemy is so close to home?





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★★★★★ “… full of delicious, sexy, bedroom scenes!”

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★★★★★ “Romance, steamy sex and unexpected surprises. Read it today!”

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★★★★★ “I think the author has saved my favorite brother for last – I feel horrible even typing these words because I absolutely loved Ronan & Nick Murphy but DECLAN️️!”