Fair Game“Fast paced, suspenseful, and romantic!”

Nick Murphy has built his life on risks – but this one may cost him everything.

Nick’s done a lot of stupid things in his life, but falling for Alexa Nash, the prosecutor assigned to investigate his business, takes the cake. When his curiosity about the accident that almost killed Alexa after high school leads to a cover-up by an influential Boston family, he finds himself neck-deep in an investigation that shines a spotlight on his business when he can least afford it — and a love affair he must keep secret even from his brothers.

Alexa Nash lives for justice, but what happens when justice fails?

Alexa had put the past behind her to focus on her career as a prosecutor. Then she fell hard and fast for Nick Murphy, a man who sees through her strength to the vulnerability she tries to hide, a man who sets her body and soul on fire. But when Nick’s investigation into her accident dredges up painful memories, Alexa is forced to accept that there can be no future with Nick until she reveals her most painful secret and determines whether he’s a legitimate entrepreneur or a ruthless vigilante.

As the pair unravel the mystery of Alexa’s accident and the feelings they can’t deny, they begin to realize that in love, secrets can be deadly — and everything is fair game.






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