Coming Home Box SetFinn Murphy isn’t like his brothers.

While they started an organization dedicated to off-the-books justice, Finn traveled the world. While they got rich, Finn kept his life simple, traveling solo and trying to forget the family tragedy that shaped them all. But when his host family in a small village is unexplainably slaughtered, Finn can’t let it go. Returning home after over six years isn’t easy, but his brothers are the only ones he knows who can help him find answers. No problem: just a quick stop in Boston to figure things out, then he’s back on the road. It’s a promise he means to keep — until he lays eyes on Elise Berenger.

Elise Berenger has been forged by fire.

Kidnapped by a transnational trafficking ring and rescued by the Murphy brothers, Elise has spent the last two years in therapy, working at a small boutique and taking random classes at community college. She can finally sleep without nightmares (most nights), but she’s no closer to figuring out what to do with her life now than she was when she was rescued. One thing she does know: she has no desire to be in a relationship. Not after everything that happened to her.

But that’s before Finn Murphy — bearded, tattooed, and very, very hot — appears in the kitchen of the shared Murphy house.

Soon the Murphys discover the village where Finn was staying was hiding a deadly secret. Energized by the investigation and Finn’s presence, Elise finally gives in to their sizzling chemistry. But when they come up against the barriers of their respective pasts, they’ll have to decide if finding a home in each other is worth the price of love.



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★★★★★ “Sizzling chemistry!”

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