The SentinelLeo Gage has worshipped Diana Barrett since they were kids. But she can never know that, because he’s been lying to her his entire adult life.

As the right hand man to Farrell Black, head of the London Mob, Leo’s lifestyle is the antithesis of Diana’s refined, cultured upbringing. He wants her to have everything she deserves — love and light and beauty and goodness. Even if it means hiding his feelings for her forever.

Diana Barrett is NOT in love with her best friend.

There are lots of other reasons for the flutter in her stomach when she looks at Leo, the warmth that spreads from the top of her head to all her secret places when he smiles. There must be. Besides Leo is bold and beautiful, the kind of man who can have any woman in the world. Determined to maintain the friendship that has been her rock since childhood, Diana resigns herself to keeping her distance – until the night she witnesses the murder of her mentor and best friend.

When the killers give chase, she goes to the only person who has ever made her feel safe. Now Leo and Diana are on the run, forced to expose the assassin before he finds Diana. The high stakes game of cat and mouse will take them across Europe to Spain and Algeria — and force them to confront the depths of their hidden desire.

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